Writer's Block: When I Was Young
What do you miss most about being a kid?

I wish I could take it all back.

I don't want ignorance.

But innocence of certain things that I never needed to know in the first place.

Why is curiosity always my downfall?

He's Just Not That Into You
was seriously one of the cutest movies I've ever seen.  I mean, how cute.

It's so true at times, even though at the end they kinda had to cheese it up to make it an acceptably happy ending.

Well...there's so much more i can say about it, but I'm too tired and i have a bunch of more updates to do. I'm working backwards.  Let's see how far back I'll go before I get too tired.

If you had to give up one indulgence for 40 days, what would it be?
This is talking about Lent.

Since today is Ash Wednesday, I'll confess what I gave up for Lent.



"Good luck with that," right?

And I was bad today >< I ate meat.


Well it was an accident, tonight I won't even though they're making the most delicious thing ever and it's made of meat.  Dangggg.

I have to keep telling myself it's not worth it.

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And the Oscar Goes To
What movie, whether it was nominated by the Academy or not, gets your personal vote for Best Picture of 2008?
I can't say...

I'm tied between Benjamin Button and Slumdog.

Both were good in their own life around different things in life.  One was about experiencing life backwards, having to deal with being different from everyone else, and the other is emerging from something terrible in life and still managing to make a happy ending.

I can't compare the two, the cinematography, the characters, the story, and the feels of the movies are completely different.  I can't say one is greater than the other, since they are both my favorites this year.

I can say that this has been a fantastic year for movies.

I can say that they were both really sad movies.  One was definitely more violent and disturbing while the other reduced me to tears and made me sob throughout the majority of the movie.

But I say it's a toss-up between those two.

Dark Knight isn't in the running is it?

Anyways, I want Heath Ledger to win something.  I think he deserves it, he worked hard in that role and made it truly believable...the best portrayal of the Joker, I think.  And the haunting role as the Joker himself, I think was somewhat of a fitting role to leave behind.

But I might be a bit biased because of the way he left the world.

You Wouldn't Understand
Almost everyone coins or uses expressions that make sense to only a few people. What word or phrase do you use most often that you have to explain the meaning of to others?

Yeah.  Post if you get it.  I can only think of four people who know what that means.


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